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About us

There were and there are still mines in the Tyrol and throughout Austria. Today most of them are either closed or been converted into exhibition mines.
Our grandfather Peter Rainer has worked for 27 years under the heaviest conditions in the mine “Schneeberg” - Ridnauntal Valley. Through this work he could provide for his family and could set up a business for himself and his descendants. In the meantime “Schneeberg” also was converted into a mining museum.

Now we can get an impression of the heavy work conditions of ancient days.

Nevertheless such mining tunnels spread its own fascination: working underground…

That’s how the idea emerged to decorate our restaurant in the style of a mining tunnel. It was not easy, but we hope we have succeeded in doing this and that you will enjoy your time at our restaurant.

A friendly “Glück auf”!
Alexandra, Michelle und Willi RAINER
and the whole “Bergwerk” Team

opening times

warm kitchen from 11.30 - 21.30
and 17.30 - 21.30
bar ca. 24:00 Uhr
Tuesday closed